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50ml to 5000ml Lab use flat bottom Double-walled glass Tempering Jacketed reaction flask

We can custom manufacture and supply following different flasks and beakers:

25 50 100 250ml Lab use Glass Vacuum Micro Sublimator Sublimation Flask sublimating apparatus

We can custom manufacture different GLASS labware as you need, pleas give us your design idea/drawing.

Item No.: JH1663

Lab use flat bottom Double-walled glass Tempering Jacketed reaction flask
Liquid-jacketed beaker for circulating cold or warm tempering fluid. 
Material: borosilicate glass.
Capacity: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3000ml, or as you need
Number of necks: 1, 2, 3, 4---produce as you need.


If you need, the inner bottom can be as flat or round!


Above dimension information for reference only.  

Total Height: From the outer bottom to the top of the neck

Effective Height: From the inner bottom to the division between body and cover.

Above dimensions are for round bottom glass jacketed flasks.

The flat bottom jacketed flask is about 2~3cm lower than the same capacity round bottom jacketed flask.

Because the glass jacketed beaker is hand-made, so there is obviously deviation probably.

If you have special requirement about the dimension, please contact with us.


Normally, there are two layers in the bottom. But in order to use with magnetic mixer, we can produce this jacketed flask with only one layer in the bottom. As follows:


We can supply flat bottom or round bottom glass jacketed flask.


 We can supply jacketed Beaker and  jacketed flasks:


We can custom manufacture and supply following different lab glass adapters:

Glass Distillation bridge Transfer Three Way Distilling Connecting Adapter Tube with long arm 

We are very familiar with different international transportation way: by air, by sea, or by courier. For less than 100kg, or you want to get the goods quickly, we can ship by courier (FEDEX/UPS/DHL/TNT) to your address directly. About 3~7 days from China to most countries. For 100kgs~500kgs, we can ship by tranitional AIRFREIGHT way to your main airport. For nonurgent >300kgs order, we can ship the goods by sea in LCL or FCL.

You can pay through T/T(bank transfer), Paypal, Alibaba. To reliable buyers, we can accept the payment term as “Pay after buyer’s receipt of the goods”.

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Ningbo Ja-Hely Technology Co., Ltd. is in National Hi-tech Zone, Ningbo, China. WE are professional supplier of different labware/lab supplies. WE are engaged in custom manufacturing plastic, glass/quartz, rubber/silicone metal labware for many years. 

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